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Travel from USA to Israel by boat

Last post 01-13-2014 15:08 by Cody Fugate. 17 replies.
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  • 09-28-2008 1:53

    Travel from USA to Israel by boat

     Hi, I am very much new here. I have a question. I am affraid of airplains, but I have to visit my friens and famuly in Israel. Does anyone know any ship or boat services from US to Israel. Even freight ship would be fine, if they take passengers. Thanx.

  • 09-30-2008 20:59 In reply to

    • kanela
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    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Sure, private yacht shuttles all the time.  What port?

  • 10-03-2008 23:54 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Just take a transatlantic ship from the East Coast to Spain or France or Italy.  There are ships going to Israel from different ports, but ther are primarely cruises, so for a stay in Israel would be quite hard.

    You also can take the train from anywhere in Europe to Istanbul or Athen and take a ship to Haifa.

    FYI, airplane are much safer than any other transportation. Don't be afraid. You can sleep thru the whole trip.


  • 10-04-2008 1:39 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

     I know it's safe,but I get panic attacks on plains, so it would be a 9 hours of torture for me, besides that, the thought of comeing back home on a plain will spoil the whole experience. I will be constantly worried about it. 

    I can take a transatlantic ship to London, and then train to Spain or Italy.  But I need to find a ship or boat from there.

  • 10-05-2008 16:15 In reply to

    • Xuver
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    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Anna i sent you a private message and you didnt answerSad


  • 12-31-2008 19:27 In reply to

    • Susan
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    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    I would like to travel to Israel another way besided by plane.  Have you figured out how you want to go, yet?  When are you planning your trip?  I would consider going with you for a couple of reasons:  1-if there are better companion rates available and 2- just to do it together instead of solo.  I have 6 grandchildren that I always want to visit.  My last and only trip there was by plane and my body had a very bad reaction to the length of time sitting...not good for me at all.  Please let me know if you are interested in going with a companion.  I am fully able bodied with some limitations for very long distance hiking.  I would also go to teach a class in Israel as well as visit.   Thank you for your request for the info as I am also interested.....

    Happy New Year!


  • 01-01-2009 9:42 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat


    I am a travel in Los Angeles. Taking a transatlantic will be quite expensive. Trains are not that cheap either.  No train from Europe to Israel, and you know why.

    Ships are going from Athen (Greece) or Istanbul (Turkey) to Haifa.

    From London to Istanbul, fugure 5/6 days on the 5 days crossing the Atlantic and coming back at a later date !!!!

    round-trip by on  the Queen Mary, or other available from New York to Southampton....approx. $4,000 to $6,000 (Ships do not go to London)

    Trains may run you close to $1,000 r/t

    Plus add hotel in England and in Turkey for 1 or 2 nights,  pretty expensive trip.

    Planes would save you time and money and you can do it on short hops, instead of non-stop (ie. NYC-London----London-Vienna----Vienna-Istanbul----Istanbul-TelAviv)  all are less than 2 hrs trips, except NYC-London : 6hrs.

  • 04-14-2009 18:22 In reply to

    • Tammy
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    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Hi Anna,   I feel exactly the same way about flying but I really want to go to Israel.    Did you go?  If so, would you mind telling me about it?  

  • 01-25-2010 16:56 In reply to

    • goober
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    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    It's been awhile since anyone posted on this thread but I too want to travel to Israel by boat. It's not that expensive to get from the US to the UK or Athens. Then a boat from Athens to Israel ...or a very quick flight of 1 hr from Athens to Israel is possible if it can be handled. Usually one hour on a plane with a tranquilizer is possible.

  • 02-28-2010 21:45 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Well, I just joined in an effort to also find an adventurous, NON-Plane way to get to Israel. Does anyone have the experience of this or how we can do it for not half of what I  make in a year?



  • 03-02-2010 15:58 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Hey Anna, just wondering if you finally managed to get to Israel via boat. How was your travel?
  • 03-02-2010 16:00 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Hey Laura, what is your budget? You can travel by yacht as someone said, but I'm sure that that's going to cost a tiny fortune.
  • 03-09-2010 9:45 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    How much expense to travel from USA to Israel in riding a boat?
  • 04-20-2010 19:37 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat


    I, too, would like to have some idea of the cost of travel on ships. I am assuming it is a great deal of money.
  • 08-09-2012 18:47 In reply to

    Re: Travel from USA to Israel by boat

    Shalom I made it to Israel it cost 2 people almost $5000.00 USA dollars. Their no cheap way to get here by ship anymore! Anything you need from USA better buy it before you come! I kid you not it cost 3 times as much for tooth paste or mouth wash or soap as it does in USA ! Homelessness it wide spread here ! I see lots of down and out back packets here sleeping in the streets. Don't come here if you don't have lots of money. I expect to see another conflict in Israel this Passover ? REPORTS FROM WASHINGTON TELL ME THE MUSLIM HAVE SMUGGLED IN WITH THE SUPPLIES FROM EGYPT EXPLOSIVES!
    A tzaddik is a man sent of G-d to do his bidding on earth as it is in heaven now!
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